Artist’s Statement

The meaning of art for me is that it is “inspired by the highest expression of love and knowledge”. To present this “inspiration”’ in conceptual, spiritual and physical contexts in my works, one of my aims was to work on art and science subjects that had not been covered before. I wanted to present this art in a detailed way that went beyond the five senses to infinity. I wanted to show people how art and science are interwoven together. With this in mind the togetherness of “cell/human/universe” came together in the combination of science and art. I wanted to show how art and science integrate with each other to work together. Whilst I was working with these ideas I realized every aspect of science inspires and is reflected in art. I felt this throughout my whole body: in my thoughts and in my movements. When I convert the power of science into art I do it in stages, and each stage is represented by different colours.

In my work I try to show:

  • The interrelatedness of art and science, based on the similarities between man and universe.
  • Even though the fabric of the universe may look simple it involves incredible harmony and discipline and this brings out magnificent colour.
  • Colours are always alive and changing. They are related to each other and in the universe they all come together as the colour white.
  • Finally as an example of how I use the harmony between science and art I considered the incredible way a cell subdivides and forms a body. With this in mind I represent the similarity of the universe and human anatomy using seven different colours in my works.