Is looking atan artwork with a startled audience by disturbing them, the reason for a painting’s existence?

Yet,since the beginning of art history, during the course of chancing adventure, some artists have pursued beautywhile others have researched the reality of things seeming ugly by dealing with their background. What they draw attention to is the substructure of beauty. During the last quarter of the previous century, shock art disgusts the audience in an enviroment where organs in blood wander about. Many examples from art history deal with the nonsense of re-showing the things that are already visible …

Asil takes the high road with the idea of “seeing inside” the human body which we admire! Am I like this? Behind the mirror, everything is dark, abstract, and chaotic. Is the human body like this?  Not at all! Once again I look at the image which shocked me, it is, in  fact, me. Yet, it isno me at all as well.

Artists obtain what scientist have donedid. Yet, the purpose is different. Reason-science reaches forthe conclusion. The emotionally-laden artist has no such problem. As far as she is concerned, she mixes it and leaves it as it is, so there is much to do by the audience.

Asil says:  “You are like ‘this’!”.

Am I like this?

Yusuf Taktak, 2009

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